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Working with Integrity Assessment Group

Integrity Assessment Group provides integrity construction and technical service solutions for oil & gas, all under one roof.  Working with IAG means that our clients get more than a service provider that delivers on time, and in budget—they get a trusted, reliable project partner. From planning phases to completion, we work in the most effective and efficient ways possible, proactively providing solutions that allow our clients to avoid costly failure and extended downtime.

Our Core Values





Safety First. Always.

Our commitment to safety is unwavering and unrelenting, because our commitment to our families and to each other is, too. Safety starts at the highlest levels at IAG and is a paramount value throughout the fabric of our business. We believe everyone has both the right and the responsibility to stop work and indentify issues if needed.

By adhering to the strictest safety codes and implementing our own safety programs, we protect our teams, the communities, and environments where we work to ensure that everyone goes home injury and incident free each night.

As a Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) certified company, our safety promise includes preventing any life-threatening damages, empowering our field teams to operate safely, and protecting excavation crews and the public.

IAG’s Operating Divisions



  • Above Ground Surveys
  • Depth of Cover and Inclination Profile Surveys
  • Annual CP Test Point Survey
  • Cathodic Profile Troubleshooting
  • AC Mitigation Design and Testing
  • Impressed Current Anode Bed Commissioning
  • Rectifier and Bond Monitoring
  • DNT
  • Leak Patrols
  • Short Locating
  • DIMP/IMP Plan Review and Compliance
  • GIS Services
  • Distribution Structure Identification
  • ECDA/ICDA Methodologies

Integrity Construction Services

  • Vacuum and Mechanical Excavation
  • Integrity and Anomoly Digs
  • Material Verification
  • AC/DC Mitigation Construction
  • Shorted Casing Remediation/Removal
  • Atmospheric Inspection of Pipeline & Coatings
  • In-line Inspection Projet Support & Wireless Services
  • Composite Pipeline Repair 
  • Gas Distribution Keyhole Anode Installation
  • Conventional and Deep Anode Bed Installation
  • Facility Maintenance
  • VCI Injection for AST & Casings
  • Test Station and Coupon Installation
  • Pipeline Coating & Reconditioning

Company History


IAG Assessment Group
CLARE, MI 48617