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Extend the Life of Your Pipeline Assets

When you need to protect your pipeline assets, IAG Integrity Construction Services works efficiently to repair pipelines and minimize costly downtime.

Vacuum and Mechanical Excavation

When damaged pipeline needs to be removed or remediated, IAG’s construction crews are qualified and experienced in providing both vacuum and mechanical excavations.

Integrity and Anomaly Digs

Once an anomaly such as metal loss or corrosion has been detected through an integrity management program, IAG handles the excavation, pipeline coating and recoating, weld repairs, non-weld repairs, and right of way restoration.

Pipeline Coating & Reconditioning

IAG provides pipeline corrosion protection and pipeline reconditioning in the harshest environments. We apply external coatings to provide enhanced protection for straight pipe or irregular metal surfaces, suffering mechanical damage, wear, abrasion, UV damage, and corrosion. Our NACE certified team can assist you with selecting and applying coating types that will fit your systems needs.

AC/DC Mitigation Construction

AC Mitigation is making material selections to add forms of grounding to the pipeline system. Without a decoupler installed between the grounding and the pipeline, these systems would reduce the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system due to the additional bare surface area being added to the protected structure. There are three (3) primary reasons why a pipeline operating company would need AC Mitigation:

They operate a pipeline that is co-located in a high voltage transmission right of way;

  1. …..and experience high induced AC voltage on their system causing 15 volts AC or greater.  This has a potential to shock any personnel that come into contact with the structure
  2. …..and need to lower AC current density in order to reduce corrosion threat.
  3. Prevent voltage spikes during fault conditions of the AC transmission system

IAG offers a turnkey construction solution for the installation of all Induced AC & Stray Current DC interference designs and components.

Shorted Casing Remediation/Removal

When testing indicates a shorted casing during routine system monitoring, IAG’s construction team specializes in short clearing and casing removal.

Atmospheric Inspection of Pipeline & Coatings

IAG conducts atmospheric inspections as required by PHMSA every three years not to exceed 39 months.  We perform inspections to determine the integrity of the pipeline segments exposed to the atmosphere, including spans.  Typical inspections include the following: pipeline coatings, hangers, rollers, shields, expansion joints, casings, soil-to-air interfaces, splash zones.

In-line Inspection Project Support & Wireless Services

Our team utilizes survey, hydro-testing and launcher and receiver design as well as remote controlled tools suitable for visual inspections on structures and other assets.

Composite Pipeline Repair Solutions

IAG will provide qualified individuals to install cost effective permanent and temporary clockspring or composite pipeline repair solutions for critical infrastructure.

VCI Injection for AST & Casings

As approved by NACE guidelines, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) can be cost-effective option to extending the life of product storage tanks and pipe casings. VCI and monitoring equipment, in most cases, can be installed without excavation further saving money and resources. IAG offers the three main types of VCI: High Viscosity Gel Application, Powder Application and Slurry Application.

Cathodic Protection Groundbed Installation

IAG installs both impressed and galvanic CP groundbed systems. Whether its your design or ours, our NACE certified team can perform the install. Typical installation types we perform include:

  • Conventional
  • Deep Wells
  • Linear
  • Sacrificial

Test Station and Coupon Installation

In order to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of cathodic protection, the IAG team installs test stations and coupons.

  • ON and Instant OFF potentials
  • AC current density
  • IR-free coupon potential. 
  • Depolarization measurements
  • Current direction and current density
  • Soil resistance changes
  • Corrosion rates

Facility Maintenance

Routine maintenance will extend the service life of your assets. IAG works with our clients to develop a maintenance plan appropriate for their system. IAG can assist whether its vegetative management, CP related, or monthly block valve maintenance.

Construction services in action:

AC influence can cause havoc to your cathodically protected system. IAG can assist with the design and installation of a system that will protect your employees and assets.

construction services in action:

Casing removal when planned and performed correctly can be a cost savings compared to the installation of a new segment of line. IAG’s team specializes in safely removing both above and below grade casings.

construction services in action:

IAG understands the importance of protecting your assets. Soil to air interfaces are a common place for corrosion to occur due to the conditions these areas incur. The coating used for soil to air interfaces must be able to withstand both corrosion that occurs underground and above. IAG specializes in both atmospheric and below ground coatings. We can assist you with finding and applying a system that best protect your assets.

Case studies & project stories

Project summary

  • ILI Tool Validation Dig with up to 5 metal loss features to be verified
  • Need high accuracy and traceable results for engineers to analyze and feedback to ILI vendor
  • Need high quality and dependable construction company to
    • Verify the correct location
    • Ensure that dig is safe and secure
    • Ensure minimal impact to immediate environment – dig in a sensitive area

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