Integrated Solutions for Pipeline Protection.

Protecting pipeline assets is our top priority. Going beyond compliance requirements, regular maintenance and protection programs will help ensure the life of your pipeline. IAG offers a full scope of both technical and construction services to efficiently complete pipeline testing, construction, and remediation to keep downtime as short as possible.

Oil & Gas Services

Traditional NDE Services

  • MT, PT, UT, VT, ET, RT
  • Manual Tip Diffraction
  • ILI Validation (ML, Dents, SCC)
  • Full Bell Hole Assessment

Traditional Corrosion Management

  • Centerline Surveys
  • Cathodic Protection System Design

Construction Services

  • Mechanical / Hydrovac Excavations
  • Ground Bed Installation
  • Casing Remediation / Removal
  • Integrity Anomaly Digs

Specialty Offerings

Inspection Services (NDE)

  • API Tank, Vessel, & Piping Inspections
  • Hybrid Terminal Inspections
  • TVC Material Validation (IIT/HSD/UCI)
  • Fire Tube Inspections
  • TFM-FMC Weld Inspections

Corrosion Management

  • AC Mitigation
  • ECDA / ICDA Program Management
  • Soil Subsidence
  • Distribution Structure Identification

Construction Services

  • Full Turn Key Bell Hole Programs
  • Deep Cover Excavations
  • Inspection & Reconditioning for Spans
  • Lead Based Paint Abatement
  • VCI Injections (Casings & Tank Bottoms)

Technology We Use

  • Digital Tool / Digital Data Collection
  • Material Validation Tools
  • 3D Hand Held Laser Scanners
  • Drones with FAA Pilots
  • Large Stand-off Magnetometry
  • Eddy Current Arrays
  • Phased Array UT
  • Rapid Anomaly Screening
  • Sub-centimeter GPS
  • Guided Wave Ultrasonics

technical services

integrity construction services

Case studies & project stories

Project summary

  • ILI Tool Validation Dig with up to 5 metal loss features to be verified
  • Need high accuracy and traceable results for engineers to analyze and feedback to ILI vendor
  • Need high quality and dependable construction company to
    • Verify the correct location
    • Ensure that dig is safe and secure
    • Ensure minimal impact to immediate environment – dig in a sensitive area

IAG Assessment Group
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