Extend the life of your infrastructure assets

Extending the life of your infrastructure assets is our goal at Integrity Assessment Group. We provide broad range of innovative nondestructive testing services for critical power plant components. Our experienced inspectors are trained and certified to work on turbines, generators and balance of plant equipment across nuclear, gas, fossil and hydro power plants.

Gas and Steam Turbine Inspection

  • Magnetic Particle Testing – Rotors/ Dovetails/Diaphragms/Casings
  • Ultrasonic Testing – Bearings/Studs/Bolts/Pins
  • Penetrant Testing – Valves/Tie Wires/Strainers
  • Fluorescent Penetrant Testing – Compressor Blades/Stators/Buckets
  • Eddy Current Testing – Condensers/Chillers
  • Replication – Blades/Buckets

Balance of Plant Inspections

    • Boiler tube thickness surveys•
    • Boiler tube thickness surveys•
    • Power piping examinations•
    • Corrosion Under Insulation inspections
    • Repair and retrofit inspections
    • Storage tanks and pressure vessels

technical services

integrity construction services

Case studies & project stories

Project summary

  • ILI Tool Validation Dig with up to 5 metal loss features to be verified
  • Need high accuracy and traceable results for engineers to analyze and feedback to ILI vendor
  • Need high quality and dependable construction company to
    • Verify the correct location
    • Ensure that dig is safe and secure
    • Ensure minimal impact to immediate environment – dig in a sensitive area

IAG Assessment Group
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