Extending the life of your infrastructure assets is our goal at Integrity Assessment Group. We provide broad range of innovative nondestructive testing services for critical wind turbine components. Our experienced inspectors are trained and certified to work on wind turbine blades, shaft, bed/generator frame and tower welds.

Wind Turbine Inspection

  • Up Tower Inspections – MT, PT, VT,  UT, PAUT, TOFD, TFM, Hardness- Shaft, Blades, Frames
  • Shaft Inspections – Ultrasonic,  PAUT, TOFD, Shear Wave
  • Flange and Tower Weld Inspections – PAUT, TOFD, TFM
    • In situ inspections
    • Manufacture Facility Inspections
    • Code inspections per AWS and EU standard 





  • Blade Bond Inspections – Ultrasonic / PAUT
    • Lightning Damage Detection and Measurement (Root/bond lines)
    • Internal Examination Root to Tip (Videoscope, Robotic Crawler)
    • Shear Web Bond Lines Measurements (width, thickness, bond/no-bond)
    • Ply detection and thickness measurement (glass/carbon)
    • Trailing Edge Bond (width, bond/no-bond)
    • Lamination Wrinkles (Length, Aspect Ratio Measurement)
  • Hardness and Replication Testing
    • Replication of grain structure and surface conditions
    • Hardness inspection for structural integrity after a turbine fire or blade strike
    • Quality check for heat treatment



technical services

integrity construction services

Case studies & project stories

Project summary

  • ILI Tool Validation Dig with up to 5 metal loss features to be verified
  • Need high accuracy and traceable results for engineers to analyze and feedback to ILI vendor
  • Need high quality and dependable construction company to
    • Verify the correct location
    • Ensure that dig is safe and secure
    • Ensure minimal impact to immediate environment – dig in a sensitive area

IAG Assessment Group
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